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Our Core Values and Principles

At the heart of our success are the core values and principles that guide us:

  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Innovation and Adaptability
  • Environmental Responsibility

          At AA Enterprises, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality marine plywood, fibreglass, and boat-making materials since our inception in 2010. We have earned a reputation as the top supplier in the industry in Thiruvananthapuram by unwaveringly committing ourselves to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

          Founded in 2010, AA Enterprises began as a small supplier of raw materials for boat manufacturing, marine plywood, and glass fibre or fibreglass materials. Over the years, we have enlarged our product offerings and adapted our services to meet the ever-changing demands of the boat manufacturing industry.

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Our Suppliers Ensuring Quality, Certifications, and Sustainability

Our stringent selection process guarantees we partner with suppliers who share our commitment to quality, certifications, and sustainability.

  • 01 Introduction to Our Trusted Suppliers

    We carefully choose our suppliers through a rigorous selection process, considering product quality, certifications, sustainability practices, and industry reputation. Our suppliers are industry-leading manufacturers with a proven track record of delivering exceptional products and adhering to strict quality control standards.

  • By partnering with certified suppliers, we can assure our clients that the marine plywood, fibreglass supplies, and boat-making materials they receive from AA Enterprises are of the highest possible quality.

  • You are investing in high-quality products and supporting responsible and sustainable business practices by choosing AA Enterprises for your marine plywood, fibreglass supplies, and boat-making materials. Trust AA Enterprises to deliver the best quality, certifications, and sustainability for all your boat manufacturing needs.


Our Supplies

We work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers to ensure the highest quality raw materials

Marine Plywood

As a trusted plywood supplier and wholesaler, we offer various marine plywood options to suit your specific requirements.

Glass Fibre

We provide a comprehensive selection of fibreglass materials, including fibre rovings, fibre resin, fibre mat, etc.

Color Pigment

We are also involved in the supply and trading of ACME Colour Pigment, which are available in a range of colours.

Other Materials

We have a wide range of boat-manufacturing materials like Catalyst(MEKP), Accelerator(Cobalt), Adhesives(BondTite), Fibrebrush, etc.

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Our comprehensive product range is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of our clients, making us your one-stop shop for all boat construction materials.

  • All
  • Marine Plywood
  • Fibre Materials
  • Other Materials

Prestige Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood

Bond Tite


Fibre Rovings

Fibre Material


Color Pigments

Royal Brush

Fibre Brush

V Wax


Fibre Mat

Fibre Material

Wet Chopped Strands

Fibre Material





Paint Roller

Roller Brushes



Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder

Frequently Asked Questions

AA Enterprises strives to provide our clients with a seamless and hassle-free experience. Find answers to the Faqs about our ordering process, payment methods, shipping and delivery options, returns and refunds policy, and product warranty and support below.

  • Are you only supplying raw materials for boat construction?

    No, we supply our raw materials to who ever needed this. Apart from boat construction these materials used for building Movie sets, Playground Equipments, Kid's Toys, Biogas Tank, Shape Modelling, Moulds Making, etc.

  • We will not take back Goods once it is sold. The consignee must ensure the materials listed on the bill are properly received. No disputes will be accepted later. As a supplier, for sold goods we only provide the warranty/guarantee as specified by the manufacturer within such limited periods.

  • You can contact our team via phone, whatsapp or email to place an order. We will happily assist you with your order and provide any guidance.

  • We accept various payment methods, including cash, upi payments, bank transfers. For more details on our accepted payment methods, don't hesitate to contact our team.

  • We offer flexible shipping and delivery options depending on your location and order size. Our team will work with you to determine your order's most suitable shipping method.


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